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Sip and Smell with Lemon Poundcake

Hey guys! Welcome to my first blog after our first sip and smell. If you’d rather watch the video, check it out on TikTok.

While smelling our candle, I was drinking pink lemonade mixed with blue raspberry vodka. It’s delicious, and I’d highly recommend it (as long as you’re 21+ ?).

Today we’re smelling one of our newer fragrances, Lemon Poundcake. Lemon Poundcake has notes of lemon peel, citrus, butter, sugar, and vanilla. So obviously very standard cake with citrus in it. However, what I think of is a lemon poppyseed muffin. I think that’s a good description of it. Also, a little bit of fruit loop milk. Sweet, a very bakery scent. A good summer bakery scent. It’s not too sweet, though. Not fruit loop, more like fruit loop milk, like a mild version of that. I think lemon poppy seed muffin would be the best description of it. 

These candles are 7 ounces. They’re soy wax candles. One of the significant benefits of soy wax candles is that they’re going to burn slow. This guy has a burn time estimate of 35-50 hours from our testing. What gives it such a vast range for the burn time? 

The main thing that will determine the burn time is trimming your wick correctly. If you don’t cut your wick, you’re not going to get a good burn, and getting a complete melt pool on your first burn is vital. A full melt pool is going to be from the wick to the edge. 

And then how long you burn it every burn. The max you’ll want to burn any candle is 4 hours. That will keep the glass from getting too hot, so you don’t damage the surface you’re burning on, and it keeps you from burning yourself when you touch it. So a max of 4 hours. But say you burn it for an hour instead of 4 hours; that will determine your burn life. That’s why it has such a long range.

The throw on this candle is fantastic for 7 ounces as well. The heavy fragrance formula we use will allow even this smaller candle to fill a medium-sized room easily.

The scent description says lemon peel, butter, and sugar. And while it smells like Lemon Poundcake, I could just as quickly have called it Lemon Poppyseed Muffin from a mostly citrusy-lemon and vanilla sweetness.

It smells delicious; I almost want to eat this or at least bake some bread!

I want to know your own opinion of Lemon Poundcake. Are you a fan? What else do you like or dislike about it? We’re curious, so we want to know what our customers think of this candle and its fragrance. You can comment below with your thoughts!

Until our next sip and smell!

Stay Peachy,

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